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1.  支援非華語學童在校的中文學習
2.  照顧非華語學童成長的需要
3.  促進學童在個人及群性的發展
4.  建構共融校園,協助非華語學童融入校園生活


1.  個別學習支援
2.  小組學習支援
3.  共融活動
4.  家庭支援(非華語學童家庭)

如有任何查詢,請於辦公時間致電2885 9168 或電郵至我們


Support to NCS children

Support Service Plan for Non-Chinese Speaking Children 

With the revision of the “Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme”. Our kindergarten not only serves children of Chinese descent, but also the children of different ethnicities. In order to enable children to “understand each other’s culture and living habits, cultivate values and attitudes that accept and respect others” from an early age. Our Kindergarten has provided support services for non-Chinese speaking children and families Especially the non-Chinese speaking children to adapt to the local school system and integrate into the society as soon as possible.

Targets of support services for NCS children

1.  Support non-Chinese speaking children to learn Chinese in the kindergarten
2.  Caring for the growth needs of non-Chinese speaking children from toddlers to              young children
3.  Promote the personal and group development of children
4.  Build up an inclusive campus to help non-Chinese speaking children integrate into        campus life


Service Plan Content 

1.  Individual learning support
2.  Group study support
3.  Inclusive activities (for non-Chinese and Chinese-speaking children through activies)      4. Family support (family of non-Chinese speaking children)

If you have any enquiry, please call 2885 9168 in office hour or email to us

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